Artistic Multi Unique Sensorial Experiences

The project 

Funded under the European Creative Europe program (2014-2020), the AMuSE project - Artistic Multi Unique Sensorial Experiences - intends to investigate the field of sensory experience using visual and applied arts, exploring the artistic heritage of the different contexts that define European identity. The aim is to improve sensory knowledge from a tactile and proprioceptive point of view through the artistic process. The project includes 4 partner countries: Malta, Italy, the Netherlands and Lithuania. 

The goal is to deepen research related to sensory data as a source of thought and creativity. AMuSE aims to unveil local cultural traditions and promote the integration of the senses in the artistic process, as well as to create a transnational platform among emerging artists. 

The project includes 4 artistic residencies to be held in each partner country: Italy, March 2018; The Netherlands, September 2018; Lithuania, April-May 2019; Malta, September 2019. 

The Italian artistic residence took place at the MÚSES European Academy of Essences in March 2018. Followed by the artistic director of the Roderick Camilleri project and supported by the curators of A.Titolo di Torino, the artists who have realized their site-specific work are Carmela Cosco, Daniele Fabiani, Simone Mangione, Mykolas Sauka, Stefan Spiteri, Ivana Volpe and Vera Woldhek. 



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The artists and their works