Ritratti di famiglia VI / Family portraits VI, 2018

dried leaves and inflorescences of star anise, yarrow, chamomile, calendula, helichrysum, melissa, wooden frames, vinyl glue, LED lights

Carmela Cosco’s research is based on the study of soil and botany and explores, in an anthropological perspective, the modalities of conservation of individual memory and the link between people and their territory. Initially intended as a multidisciplinary project, starting from the study of the context of residence and interaction with the local population, it focused on the realization of a series of works characterized by a different elaboration of the idea of multisensory memory of the territory at the origin of the project. The first is inspired by the spirit of the Wunderkammern, cabinets of natural and artificial curiosities born in the late Renaissance in which art and proto-science met under the sign of wonder, expressing amazement at the variety of creation. Cosco has incorporated a selection of inflorescences of aromatic and medicinal plants from the museum collection ( chamomile, helichrysum, mint, etc.,) in thin opalescent resin slabs. This way the artist shaped six small light-boxes whose shiny effect is amplified by the pervading twilight of Múses. The slabs were fixed in wooden frames inspired by those of family portraits and backlit. A floral-themed jacquard fabric was used to create a second work: a garden, which grows through the fabric, piercing it and shaping the written message “From the dark to the light.”

Carmela Cosco was born in Catanzaro in 1989. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro, obtaining the Diploma of I level in Painting and the Diploma of II level in Sculpture. She currently works with ONART gallery in Florence. 

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