Arrampicante / Climbing, 2018

ballpoint pen and spray paint on paper, wood

Fabiani / Gio. Ant. Zuliani, Incontro / Encounter 1830-2018

spray paint on paper, wood

As a painter, Daniele Fabiani explores the relationship between man and nature. During his artistic residency he experimented with a mixture of drawing and sculpture, transforming the set-up requirements into an opportunity to create a site-specific installation, according to an approach never before experienced in his artistic career. During the residency, he explored the romantic theme of the spectacle of nature through the writing of a ‘travel book’ in the form of a bound book featuring the graphic re-elaboration of 19th century engravings, and the invention of organic forms of natural inspiration realized in ballpoint pen on paper. The drawings, cut out and glued together, make up an intricate floral texture in dialogue with the botanical decoration of the walls of the room. The choice of the room in relation to the characteristics of the drawings determined the setting up of self-supporting supports to allow them to be set up on the flat surfaces of the furnishings. The interaction with the historical pre-existences, in particular a neoclassical console surmounted by a large mirror in the center of the room, has become part of the artistic intervention, thanks to the conception of a particular frame, realized with raw wood elements , which incorporates and "embraces" the structure almost without touching it. 

Daniele Fabiani was born in Valle Camonica in 1988. After studying at the artistic high school on Lake Iseo, he graduated from the Brera Academy in Milan. He lives and works between Milan and Valle Camonica.

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