Un sasso non è mai solo una pietra / A pebble is never just a stone, 2018

chalk, wax, lavender essential oils, mint, bergamot and lemon, red felt carpet

A versatile visual artist, Ivana Volpe explores in her works topics like the ephemeral and the dissolution; through objects of organic nature and symbolic artefacts she investigates the instability and the persistent uncertanty of human's psycho-physical well-being. The latest installations contain a mixture of her educational and professional path, with particular emphasis to sounds intended as a universal language. In particular they are concerned with the alternation of concepts related to multi-sensoriality and the analysis of time as a source of destruction/creation. For AMUSE she presents an ephemeral performing installation. The user has the impression of having to deal with stones and, forced to step on them, does not expect them to break under its weight; shattering into a thousand pieces, they emit an odor that transports it elsewhere: the imperishable imperceptible closed in the apparent leathery. Placing the stones on the threshold of an obligatory passage also allows us to keep track of the passage of the public, which trampling the work at the same time causes its destruction. The red carpet underneath, an integral part of the installation, is the real fil-rouge of the entire exhibition path, going it trough all its length. The work reflects on the fragility hidden behind a presumed force: a mask of precision and resistance that reveals, to a more detailed analysis, a transience but also a soul of poetry. The link with the territory, developed during the stay, was fundamental to outline the details of the work; each stone is in fact a faithful copy of some specimens taken for the occasion along the banks of the Maira river (Piedmontese tributary of the Po) and the essences used are those pertaining to the area.

Ivana Volpe was born in Campobasso in 1988, where she currently lives. Her training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence has been furthered by a study stay at the Académie Royale de Beaux-Arts in Brussels. In her professional life, she worked as a graphic designer, decorator and restorer.

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