Senza titolo (prie-dieu) / Untitled (prie-dieu), 2018

dark chocolate, cocoa butter, food jelly, milk, orange blossom essential oil, grapefruit Schweppes, turmeric, beetroot, gold leaf

Inspired and attracted by the progressive loss of centrality of the pedestal in sculpture through the centuries, in relation to the ‘liquefaction’ of values in contemporary society, Mangione's plastic research is focused on the use of organic materials subject to chemical and physical transformations, such as animal jelly. The aim of such an unconventional choice is to create art works sentenced in an irreversible transformation over time that will change their appearance and colour, dispersing aromas in the atmosphere. After having experimented with the potential of various essences, substances and different materials available at Múses, Mangione focused on the use of chocolate as a raw material. In this way, the artist paid tribute to one of the most typical Piedmontese confectionery specialties, with the aim of creating a potentially edible installation. The shapes were obtained from silicone rubber casts of wax candles that the artist assembled in small allusive concretions of natural forms similar to the precious corals preserved in a Wunderkammer. The chocolate was mixed with gold leaf, an edible metal considered a panacea in the medieval pharmacopoeia, while the gelatine was coloured with pink grapefruit carbonated drinks. The elements of the installation have been disseminated in mimetic form through the museum in order to create – from the very first of the five courtly halls that characterize the route -a dialogue and an osmosis within the pre-existing layout.

Simone Mangione was born in Como in 1988. He graduated in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. He lives and works between Como and Milan.

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