Il silenzio è sopravvalutato / Silence is overrated, 2018 

poetic sound installation

In addition to a poem that accompanied the artistic intervention of Ivana Volpe, Vera Woldhek created a sound installation, set up in the adjoining room. With a background as a creative writer and storyteller - unlike most other artists trained in visual arts - Woldhek proposed here a multisensory and trans-disciplinary research. The aim of her work was to interrogate the state of mind and insecurities of the young generation of creatives to which she belongs; the burnout phenomena, the tendency to try to exceed expectations in response to social and professional pressures, and the fallacies of the current notion of happiness.
 Interested in a creative approach oriented to grasp the stress released by places, things and people, she documented her stay in Savigliano through recordings, audio, short videos and notes in which she inserted allusions to the divinities of the Roman pantheon in a context-specific cultural reference. For the restitution of her research, she decided to create a sound installation that mixed various recordings collected across the territory to communicate her own sense of cultural and linguistic disorientation.
It is a suggestive and touching work that expresses the difficulties of interaction with a creative context distant from her own and the consequent perception of extraneousness experienced during the artistic residence.

Vera Woldhek was born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1992. Storytelling graduate from the Minerva Academy of Pop Culture in Leeuwarden, Lives and works in Groningen, the Netherlands.

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