Contemporary Art

Can you imagine a blend of essences and contemporary art? MÚSES hasn’t just imagined it but has made it one of the key elements in its cultural offer. The exhibition areas in Palazzo Taffini boast a wealth of artworks specially created for MÚSES by internationally renowned artists in order to uniquely and dynamically recount the world of essences, medicinal herbs and perfumes.

The Painter’s Palette by Franz Stähler , The Medicinal Workshops by Angela Colonna, In God we trust by Ryts Monet, Fuscum Subnigrum by Spela Volcic and Reminiscence of Emotion by Maja Smrekar and Andrej Strehovec are just some of the artworks that you can admire. They refer to Palazzo Taffini, the essences of the territory and the Baroque inspiration, while following the route of the spices from Byzantium, smelling the essences of Eau de Cologne, discovering the secrets of the old herbal books and constantly calling for a relationship between the past and the present, essences and culture.