Sensorial tour

MÚSES offers multi-sensory experiences.  Along the exhibition,  the video installations, site-specific works by international contemporary artists, instruments from the period and the characters who innovated the production techniques reveal the secrets of perfumery art over the centuries: from Byzantium to Venice, following the essential oil and spice roads:  the great ladies of the Italian Renaissance, Caterina Sforza, Isabella d’Este and Catherine de' Medici who were adept in spreading an appreciation of essences became true icons of their time;  from Piedmont to the rest of Europe with the fascinating story of Eau de Cologne, invented by a Piedmontese, which became the most sold perfume in the world.

The combination between history, art and technology represents the signature style of the exhibition fittings and is the interpretative key to reawaken the sense of smell in the visitor’s memory.​